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Nyungne Retreat with Drupon Rinchen Dorjee

October 26, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

| $108

Thousand-armed Chenrezig

Schedule (October 26, 6pm to October 29, 7:30 am):

  • Friday October 26 6-9pm – Empowerment and instructions on the practice
  • Saturday/Sunday – three sessions per day
  • Monday – early morning session to end at 7:30am (we can then share a nice breakfast)

Location (see directions to the center, below):
Drikung Namgyal Ling Center
1135 West Twin Buttes Road
Sahuarita, AZ 85629

Retreat Fee – 3 day retreat
$108 non-members 
$75 Supporting Members & above
Foundational Members are Free

⊕ Work Study Positions are available but require prior arrangements. Please contact us in advance 

Register for Nyungne Retreat:

Register for Nyungne Retreat


  • Attendees must participate in the whole retreat – from Friday evening to Monday morning
  • Space is limited – please reserve your space early
  • Attendees will be fasting and silent from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning – no eating, drinking or speaking for this time period
  • If you are unable to fast for this length of time (due to medical condition), then exceptions can be made
  • If you are unable to perform full body prostrations, “chair” prostrations or any form of heartfelt prostrations are suitable

Register for Nyungne Retreat:

Register for Nyungne Retreat

The Nyungne practice of the eleven-faced, thousand-armed form of Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara), the Buddha of compassion, is for purifying negative karma and accumulating merit and wisdom in a short but intensive retreat setting. This intensive practice requires maintaining the eight Mahayana precepts on the first day and on the second day adding vows of fasting and silence (fasting begins after the noon meal on the first day and continues until breakfast on the third day). Meditation sessions include prayers, offerings, prostrations, and extensive mantra recitation, cultivating all three vehicles of Buddhism. Practicing Nyungne with great devotion increases peace in oneself and the world, brings happiness and good fortune, and leads to rebirth in Buddha Amitabha’s Pureland of Dewachen.

It is said in the text called the Collection of the Intentions of All Tantras that if practitioners of the Mahayana do a nyungne even once, they will purify all the wrongdoing accumulated throughout forty thousand eons and achieve rebirth as either a human or deva. If done eight times consecutively, the state of a stream enterer is attained and rebirth in Dewachen is guaranteed. If performed twenty-five times, the state equal to a once-returner is attained and all wrongdoing of the previous eighty thousand eons is purified. Performed fifty times the state equivalent to a non-returner is achieved and all wrongdoing for the prior eight hundred million eons is purified. If the nyungne is performed 108 consecutive times, arhatship is attained and all the wrongdoing and obscurations of the past one billion eons is purified and birth in Dewachen in the direct presence of Buddha Amitabha is assured.


Lodging and Meals at the Center:

The center has dorm-style (room sharing) accommodations.  Attendees may also car camp or pitch a tent on the property grounds.  

The cost of accommodation is included in the retreat fee.

Indoor accommodation must be reserved prior to the retreat, and is otherwise available only as space permits.  Please contact us to ensure your accommodation needs are met.

The following 3 meals are provided: Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Monday breakfast.  Meals provided will be simple and vegetarian.  If you have special food needs or preferences you are welcome to bring a meal or use center’s facilities.

After Saturday lunch time attendees will take a vow of silence, and of fasting.  Attendees will not eat, drink, or talk from Saturday at 2pm to Monday morning at 7:30am as part of the practice.  

What to pack and bring:

Suggested Personal Items to Bring:

  • Sleeping bag or bedding
  • Pillow, blankets
  • Alarm Clock
  • Ear plugs
  • Towel, Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc)
  • Practice items – cushion, mala, dorje/bell
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Medication, vitamins, supplements 
  • Flashlight or reading light
  • No perfume or heavily scented products, please



October 26, 2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Brennan Washburn


Drikung Namgyal Ling Center
1135 West Twin Buttes Road, Sahuarita, AZ 85629 United States
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