Drikung Namgyal Ling is a member-supported organization operating under the precious guidance of Drupon Thinley Ningpo. Our center’s mission includes bringing qualified and authentic teachers to our community, and supporting local sangha teaching and practice activities.

Your membership contributions directly support the efforts of Drikung Namgyal Ling in supporting the Dharma. In supporting the center, your membership contributions are used to cover day-to-day operations including office expenses, postage, insurance and other costs. A portion of your contributions also help cover teaching expenses, including travel, visa fees, and other teacher and venue-related costs. Lastly, your contributions are used to cover the costs of supporting and maintaining out new center in Sahuarita!

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Membership Benefits

The most important benefit of membership is the creation of the Center itself. DNL provides a community for the cultivation of spiritual growth, mutual support and generosity. Membership helps support the mission of the Center, the growth of the Buddhadharma, and the work of Drupon Thinley Ningpo, our spiritual director, and that of Khenpo Sherab Ozer, our founder. Your support is therefore not only of great merit, but will also help create a home for Dharma practice and teachings.

Membership Plans

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The following membership levels are available:

Level Donation Teaching Discount Store Discount Voting Rights
Friend $5 per month / $60 a year 10% NA &#10004
General $15 per month / $180 a year 15% 10%

Supporting $25 per month / $300 a year 25% 15% &#10004
Sustaining $50 per month / $600 a year 50% 20% &#10004
Foundation $125 per month / $1500 a year 100% 25% &#10004

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Pledge contributions may be paid via credit card, check, or paypal, and be made monthly or annually. You may cancel your membership at any time.