Pith Instructions of the Accomplishment of Manjushri Yamantaka



“What is the main reason we practice Yamantaka? It is contained in the phrase, ‘Let the
destructiveness of sorcerers, their gods and protectors descend upon themselves,’ which
we find in the retreat text. What this means, is that when you have loving kindness, compassion
and Bodhichitta, any harm directed at you will fall back on itself. This is the root of the matter.

Why does this happen? Because here your mind is clean and pure. When you are meditating
on loving-kindness and compassion for all, then you have no ego-clinging. Without ego-clinging,
nothing can harm you. So through Yamantaka we meditate on compassion for all sentient beings
and nothing – curses, sorcery or whatever – can harm us. If you understand this then you
understand all there is to know about Yamantaka retreat practice.”

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche

Format: MP3
Length: 2 Days of Instruction
Size: 460MB
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