We are a member-supported organization operating with the precious guidance of Khenpo Sherab Ozer and Drupon Thinley Ningpo. Our center’s mission and goals include bringing qualified and authentic teachers to our community, supporting local sangha teaching and practice activities, and working toward establishment of a permanent center. At the direction of Khenpo and Drupon, DNL also raises funds for philanthropic endeavors including H.H. Chetsang Rinpoche’s Drikung Kagyu Rites & Rituals Project, and the Drikung Nun’s Project.

To accomplish these goals, DNL relies on the generosity of sangha members in southern Arizona, and from devotees of Khenpo Sherab Ozer Rinpoche throughout the world.

How You Can Help

Drikung Namgyal Ling is an IRS-certified 501(c)3 non-profit institution, and our existence is greatly dependent on the generous donations from our community and our members. Without your generosity, we simply cannot continue our mission. Your donations are fully tax-deductible. Here are some of the many ways you can help:

  • Become a member of Drikung Namgyal Ling Dharma Center
    Membership is one of the best ways to help. Membership contributions provide regular and consistent funds essential to the center’s operation, and help cover office, insurance, visa, legal, and other expenses.
  • Donate to the Center Building Fund, or other center activity
    DNL is currently raising funds for the purchase of physical property to house the center, accommodate resident and visiting lamas (teachers), and provide practice and teaching space. A permanent home is understandably essential to our long-term viability, and your contributions to the Center Building Fund help lay an important foundation for our future.
  • Donate items to our twice annual, Spring and Fall Yard Sales
    Twice each year, DNL holds its “Renounce Your Attachments” Yard Sale. This modest endeavor has the dual benefit of providing needed funds for center activities, and helping us all simplify our lives. We send out mailings and email a month prior to each event. To hear about this activity, please join our mailing list.
  • Include Drikung Namgyal Ling in your estate planning
    One very simple way to help is to include Drikung Namgyal Ling in your estate planning. You may do so by identifying the center as the beneficiary of financial instruments (securities, insurance, etc.), endowments, property (real estate), or other items of value to or of use to the center. Estate planning gifts can have an enormous impact on the development and long-term success of the center. Funds received are placed in trust with specific, donor supported guidelines for usage and management. Please contact us for more information on making an estate planning gift.
  • Sponsor dharma students by contributing to the scholarship fund
    Your contributions to the scholarship fund help low-income and other needy dharma students cover costs related to teachings, retreats and other center activities. Please contact us for more information on supporting this effort.
  • Volunteer your time and energy
    Consider helping with the center’s activities, including event planning, transportation, public relations, clerical, and other tasks. To volunteer, please join our mailing list

Make a One-Time Donation

If you wish to make a one-time contribution to Drikung Namgyal Ling, you may do so online securely via Paypal.

You may also send a check or money order to:

Drikung Namyal Ling
PO Box 1416
Sahuarita, AZ 85629

Your donation may be directed to the following specific purposes. If you have a preference, please indicate so when you make your contribution.

  • Drikung Namgyal Ling (General Fund)
  • Drikung Namgyal Ling Center Development Fund
  • Drikung Nun’s Project
  • Drikung Namgyal Ling Scholarship Fund

In some cases, your employer may make matching contributions to charitable non-profit organizations. Our tax-deductable 501(c)3 status helps ensure that we meet their most stringent criteria. Please contact us if you have questions regarding corporate matching donations to the center.

Other Ways You Can Help

As a not-for-profit, membership-based organization, we depend on volunteers to carry forward the projects of the center, both small and large. These activities include planning and managing teaching, retreat and other activities, event registration, lama care (including transportation, meals, and errands), audio and video recording, editing and production, public relations, grant writing, fundraising, flyer and poster distribution, and many, many other activities.

We welcome your participation in the center. Together, we can help our precious teachers preserve the Drikung Kagyu Lineage, and support their efforts to spread the dharma and alleviate the suffering of all. Please contact  (Tucson, AZ) for more information about our volunteer activities.